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Matt Alber

Hide Nothing (Tommy Boy/Silver Label) the debut album from Matt Alber (November 2008) is laced with soulful melodies telling stories that range from a 3rd grade crush (Field Trip Buddy), love unraveling (End of the World) and personal awakening (Monarch). Reminiscent of Ben Folds, Iron&Wine and Imogen Heap, all of Matt’s songs are built on a unfailing vocal with melodies that linger with you. As the first artist signed to Silver Label, Hide Nothing is a highly anticipated collection of songs that are more like secrets - all told with piano, harp, strings, bassoon, (and Matt’s old house keys.) Hide Nothing comes on the heels of a 5-year world tour with America's premier classical acapella ensemble, Chanticleer, with whom he recorded two Grammy® Award-winning albums. His solo album was recorded at home on Macintosh computers with co-writer/producer Jeff Crerie of Utmosis (utmosis.net)